🍽️ We are so looking forward to you joining us @TheRisingSun to celebrate good times 🍽️
🍽️ We are so looking forward to you joining us @TheRisingSun to celebrate good times 🍽️
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Gin Garden - Tanqueray 10, St Germain, elderflower, pressed apples & fresh lime £8.5

The real O.G - Hendricks Gin, Fever Tree tonic & cucumber 9.5

Espresso Martini - Coffee, Frangelico, Kahlua, Tia Maria & hazelnut gomme syrup £9.5

Passion fruit martini - Passoa, Vodka, passion fruit puree, gomme syrup & fresh lime £9.5



Nocellara olives (vg,v) £4

House bread, balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil (v,vg) £5.50

Garlic & rosemary pizza bread, extra virgin olive oil (vg,v) £7.5

Pasta fritta, smoked mozzarella, tossed with garlic oil & parmesan, napoli tomato sauce  £8.5 (d)

Sticky Asian Pork Belly Bites (so,s) £8.50



T.R.S Wild mushroom arancini, truffle mayonnaise, parmigiano (d) £9.5

Burrata Pugliese, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, pane carasau (v,d) £11

Fillet of beef carpaccio, white truffle tallegio fondue, crispy shallots, parmigiano (d) £14.5

Beetroot carpaccio, goats cheese, candied walnuts, radish, rocket, orange segments (v,d) £9

Tuna tartar, avocado & cucumber, asian dressing (sobs,s) £12.5

King scallops, candied pancetta, pea puree (sf) £14

Wild madagascan prawns, garlic & chilli, toasted bread (sf,d,a) £16




Cornfed chicken milanese, rocket & parmesan salad (d) £17

Pistachio herb crust rack of lamb, ratatouille, cubed potatoes, lamb jus (d) £28.5

Strips of Fillet steak, onions, chilli & garlic, mixed leaf salad, Asian dressing, sesame seeds (ss,s,so) £28

Wagyu fillet burger, cheddar, salad, tomato, onion ring, crispy pancetta, burger sauce, chips (d) £24.5

Black bream, samphire, asparagus, lobster bisque (sf,d) £21.5 

Miso cod, pak choi with chilli, wasabi mash (s,a,d) £36

Paccheri, Veal & porcini ragu, parmigiano (d) £16

Mafalde, truffle & porcini cream, parmigiano (d) £17

Spaghetti Roberto, king prawns, datterini tomatoes, chilli, garlic, parsley, white wine (d,a,sf) £21.5

Ravioli, spinach & ricotta, butter & sage, parmesan (v,d) £15

Risotto, asparagus, butter & parmesan £16.5

Tofu, asian dressing, garlic, chilli, onion, mixed salad  (v,vg,s,so,ss) £13.5




Sunday Roasts  

Sirloin of beef (d) £21.5
Leg of lamb (d) £19
Nut roast (v) £15.5

All the above served with roast potatoes, spring greens, caraway infused carrots, honey parsnips, Yorkshire pud & gravy (d)


Contorni & Insalati 

 Wasabi basil mash £5 -Skinny chips £4 – Truffle chips £5

  Broccoli, chilli, lemon oil £5  - Garlic French beans £5

Tomato & Onion Salad £5 - Rocket & Parmesan £5 - Mixed Salad £5




Margherita: Tomato, Fior di latte, parmigiano , fresh basil (d) £10.50

Stefano: Fior di latte, aubergine, prosciutto, parmigiano, fresh basil (d) £13.5

Florentina: Tomato, fior di latte, spinach, tagiascha olives, egg, parmigiano, fresh basil (d,v) £12.5

Pizza dello chef: Fior di latte, italian sausage, taleggio, porcini, truffle paste, fresh basil (d) £14

Matteo: Fior di latte, mortadella, pistacchio, burrata, parmigiano, fresh basil (d) £15

Pollo: Tomato, fior di latte, marinated chicken, sweet corn, roasted peppers, caramelised onions (d) £13

Hawaiian: Tomato, fior di latte, pineapple, ham (d) £12 

Caprina: Tomato, fior di latte, goats cheese, sun blushed tomatoes, caramelised onions, pesto, pine nuts & fresh basil (v,d,n) £14.5

The Rising Sun: Tomato, rocket, prosciutto di parma, mozzarella di bufala DOP, parmigiano shavings, honey (d) £16.5

Vegetariana: Tomato, fior di latte, grilled courgettes, artichokes, grilled peppers, fresh basil (v.d) £13

Diavola: Tomato, fior di latte, spicy salame, nduja, parmigiano, fresh basil (d)£13.5

Prosciutto cotto e Funghi: Tomato, fior di latte, cooked ham, mushrooms, fresh basil (d) £13.5

Luca: Tomato, Fior di latte, Italian sausage, caramelised onions, mozzarella di bufala DOP, fresh basil (d) £13.5

Vegana: Tomato, courgettes, mixed peppers, sun blushed tomato, fresh basil (vg) £12.5





TRS Brownie, biscoff ice cream (d) £7

Apple & cinnamon crumble, vanilla ice cream (d) £7

Classic tiramisu (d) £6.5

Pistachio cheesecake (d,n) £7



CONTAINS - SHELLFISH / sf    SOYA / s    NUTS / n    DAIRY / d