👨‍🍳 Dine@Home ... from our kitchen to your home 👨‍🍳
👨‍🍳 Dine@Home ... from our kitchen to your home 👨‍🍳
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 A Little Aperitivo From Our Cocktail Menu


It's time celebrate with our tantalising cocktails, the perfect accompaniment with your "Dine at Home” menu.
Our mixologist has been working hard to bring your favourite cocktails to your home whether you’re in the mood for something refreshing and fruity, or dark and stormy. 
So all you need to do is pour your cocktail in your glasses, add our garnishes and ice … and sit back and enjoy.  



Mojito: Diplomatico planas white, gomme syrup, fresh mint & lime £7

Gin Garden: Tanqueray 10, St germain, elderflower, pressed apples & fresh lime £7

Espresso Martini: Coffee, frangelico, Kahlua, tia Maria & hazelnut Gomme syrup £9

Bloody Mary: Vodka, tio pepe, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, tabasco, celery salt, ketchup, horseradish & lemon £8